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Braddaz V Stand

Albert Verdadero, Owner
Pacific Ocean Innovations, LLC

1136A 9th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

Aloha and Welcome ~

The BraddazVstand is finally here! Because of its lightweight design you can use it practically anywhere. The BraddazVstand will fit in the trunk of your car, on your bicycle, and your moped too!  

Don’t have wheels? It’s light enough for you to carry yourself. Try doing that with one of those stands you see at the lifeguard tower.

The BraddazVstand is weather-resistant, finished with a light water based sealant.
With our low price, you can keep your board looking like new.

Let us help you to take care of your board.

$125 Plus Shipping & Handling

Some of you may already have a stand at home for your surfboard or stand up paddle (SUP) board, and you may be wondering what is so special about my invention.
I have observed numerous boards laying flat on the hard ground or baking in the hot sun and sand. As a lightweight solution for that problem, I designed this stand - similar to that which you might have seen at a lifeguard station or at a surfboard rental.